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While a visitor to Korthi may well have a sense of living in an acutely historical area, its history has only been slightly explored. In as much as the pre historic settlement at Plaka, the Mycenian pot which is housed in the Archaeological Museum in Hora, the Byzantine churches, the middle-age castled settlement of Pano Kastro, and the surprising architecture of the houses and monasteries of the Ottoman rule, all prove that life in this area has been continuous. The blanks in historical research are more than ably filled by legends, which are particularly plentiful in this area. The most famous of these legends is the old woman who gave a name to the best known beach on the island and the Venetian castle.

The Pano Kastro, also known as the Old Woman's Castle, was the strongest and largest middle-age settlement on Andros. Built by the Venetians upon an impressive plateau to the north of Korthi, at a height of 600 metres. It was capable of protecting 1000 inhabitants and was considered impregnable because of the height of the rocks surrounding it and the strength of its walls. Its history is unknown and perhaps this has fed the legends which surround it. According to the best known legend, the Turks, who tried and failed to conquer this castle, sent in an old woman with her pregnant daughter, seeking assistance. Once inside the castle, as soon as night fell, the old woman opened the castle gates and the waiting Turks stormed the fortification and slaughtered all the inhabitants. Meanwhile, the old woman, overcome with guilt at the outcome of her actions, climbed up a tall rock and leapt to her death to the sea below, thus giving the beach its strange name - "The Old Woman's Leap".

Ormos Korthiou is the centre of the commanding cosmic and economic life of the district. And of course the centre of its tourism. It is here where you will find the most accommodation, tavernas, restaurants, bars and the summer open air cinema. Also in this centre are the necessary community facilities: the medical services, the chemist, banks, post office, etc. It has a regular bus connection with Gavrio (via Batsi), with Hora and also the villages of the area and of course there are several taxis. The scenic village extends along the length of the beach of which both ends are suitable for swimming. The majority of the restaurants, tavernas, bars and cafes are situated along the beach road. Behind this road and running parallel is a wonderful paved pedestrian precinct, where you can find the shops and the other facilities of the town. This is the centre of life for all the people of the area and it is here that you can meet the hospitable and helpful Korthi townspeople living out their calm daily lives. During recent years, Ormos Korthiou has become well known as an area particularly suitable for wind surfing, so many lovers of this sport gather here every year from early spring onwards. The Korthi Sailing Club offers every assistance and even operates a school teaching wind surfing and also a swimming school for children.

More than anything else, the area of Korthi offers many possibilities for tours, either by foot or by car. If you wish to explore by foot, the Mayor can introduce you to a guide. We can suggest some pointers: the Aidonia and the Mousionas with their mansions; the Dipotamata (Twin River') which has more than 30 watermills; the beautiful beaches of Sineti ,Plaka, Ai Giannis at Kremmydes and Moni.

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