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Gavrio is a traditional village, with ruins dating to the Hellenistic Period it is in the southwest side of Andros and 36 nautical miles from the Attica port Rafina. Today Gavrio is the main port of Androw island with hotels, studios, tavernas by the shore or in a lush inland village, offering local delicacies.

The eastern coasts of the aea is accessible only by three roads which traverse the island widthwise and they all end at beaches. The first road begins at Gavrio and weaves to the side to pass the Tower of Agios Petros and the village of the same name. It's worth a short stop here in the tiny village square, with it's old but always freshly whitewashed spring.

Continuing you meet on the left in the ravine, the beautiful although half ruined Byzantine church of Sotiras and a little later the village of Vitali. This village survives till the day entirely on agriculture.

The beach of Vitali is not far away and soon spreads itself out in front of you, a glorious bay with clean water, a wide beach, a small curch, a tevern and a small river which ends here. If you follow this river bed, in a short while you will come across a small cave with gorgeous and colorful stalactites.

The second one begins again from Gavrio and going north it meets some of the oldest villages on the island, such as Amolohos, which during the years of the Ottoman Empire numbered 600 families and is the site of the tower of Mastroyannoulis an example o the same period. From Varidi a branch road leads eastwards to Zorkos, a beach which has a wild beauty, a tavern and is a paradise for spear-fishing.

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